Description product group
  • Electrochemical combination electrode: pH and reference electrode integrated
  • Optimised pH glass for use in the presence of glass-corroding hydrofluoric acid (HF). HF is formed primarily in the presence of fluoride (F-) at a pH of < 4. Glass corrosion is promoted by a constant concentration of fluoride, a falling pH value and a rising temperature. The glass composition and structure of the PHEF type reduce the release of SiF4. Extended service life in the presence of fluoride (F-) at a pH of < 7
  • The flat shape of the glass diaphragm and large ring diaphragm facilitate use in contaminated water, which also contains abrasive solids

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0…50 °C

Max. pressure

7.0 bar

Min. conductivity

150 µS/cm


Gel containing potassium chloride


HDPE ring diaphragm, flat (Double Junction)

Sensor shaft


Shaft diameter

12 mm

Installation length

120 ±3 mm

Fitting position

Vertical up to +25°


PG 13.5

Electrical Connection

SN6 plug-in head

Enclosure rating

IP 65

Process integration

Bypass: open outlet or return of the sample water into the process line, inline: direct installation into the pipework; fixed or replaceable (replaceable fitting), tank, channel: Immersion in the immersion tube


all DULCOMETER controllers

Typical applications

A significantly longer service life can be achieved compared with standard pH sensors in media containing hydrofluoric acid, e.g. wastewater from the semiconductor industry or electroplating applications and air scrubbers.

Resistance to

Disinfectant, solids content (turbid types of water), hydrofluoric acid (HF), abrasive particles

Measuring principle, technology

Direct potentiometric measurement, 2 electrodes, PE ring diaphragm, HF-compatible flat glass diaphragm, gel electrolyte, separate temperature measurement for temperature compensation needed

Delivery details
Delivery time: see per variant
Order Number Price Delivery time Installation length
3-4 weeks 120 ± 3mm
Order Number: 1010511
Degree of protection :
Diaphragm :
HDPE ring diaphragm, flat (Double Junction)
Electrical connection :
SN6 plug-in head
Electrolyte :
gel containing potassium chloride
Fitting position :
vertical up to +25°
Installation length :
120 ± 3mm
Max. pressure :
7.0 bar
Measured variable :
Min. conductivity :
150 µS/cm
Sensor shaft :
Shaft diameter :
12 mm
Temperature :
0…50 °C
Thread :
PG 13.5
pH range :

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