Water parameter analysis made easy – with the DULCOMETER diaLog DACb

The DULCOMETER diaLog DACb measuring and control device is our compact multi-talent for water analysis. With its specially designed functionalities, e.g. processing of disturbance variables and switching of control parameters, it closes the control loop between DULCOTEST sensors and ProMinent metering pumps.

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  • Measured variables: 2 of your choice pH, redox, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, bromine, conductivity, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, dissolved oxygen and / or fluoride
  • Installation, protection type: combination housing ( Wall, panel, mast mounting), IP 67 and IP 66
  • Control: two measurement and control channels, each with an independent 2-way PID controller
  • Digital inputs for processing of control signals, e.g. from measuring water limit contacts, remote stop regulation and for monitoring the fill levels in chemical containers
  • Control outputs for electronically controlled dosing pumps and solenoid valves
  • Interference variable processing: simple regulation of water parameters in flowing water by processing the Flow rate in the control algorithm via (frequency> 1 Hz) or mA
  • Digital inputs for processing control signals, e.g. B. of measuring water limit contacts, remote stop control and for monitoring the fill levels in chemical containers, disturbance variables (frequency> 1 Hz)
  • Optional connection to process control systems via BUS interface such as PROFIBUS®, Profinet, or Modbus
  • Optional third measured and controlled variable via mV or mA
  • Optional supply via 24 V DC protective low voltage, e.g. B. by means of a solar system or in the wet area of waterworks
  • Optional adjustment of the controller setpoint to changed process conditions via remote control possible using an mA signal from a PLC or, for higher requirements, via the fieldbus option
  • Optional control from anywhere: LAN-capable and convenient remote access via integrated web server
Delivery contents
Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
Order Number Price Delivery time Identity Code Measured variable Output signal Basic measured variables Control function
1083815 Usually In Stock (if not 3-4Weeks) DACBW006VA0000011010EN 2 measuring and control channels 2x mA output 1x input mV + 1x input mA two-way control (raise and lower)
Order Number: 1083815
0.3% of the upper range value
Alarm relay:
250 V ~3 A, 700 VA contact type, changeover
Analogue outputs:
2x 0/4 ... 20 mA electrically isolated
Basic measured variables:
1x input mV + 1x input mA
2 bidirectional controls
Control characteristic:
P/PID control
Control function:
two-way control (raise and lower)
Control outputs:
2 pulse frequency outputs for controlling metering pumps, 2 relays (limit value or pulse length control)
Degree of protection:
IP66 and IP67
Digital control inputs:
4 as a remote control
Identity Code:
1x mV as well as 1x mA (for example for pH and chlorine)
Measured variable:
2 measuring and control channels
Measurement data archiving:
data logger with SD memory card
Measuring range:
depending on the measured value or the sensors
ca. 27W
Output signal:
2x mA output
Supply voltage:
100 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature compensation:
Pt 100/Pt 1000 for pH, chlorine dioxide (CDP) sensor and fluoride
Temperature compensation range:
0 ... 100 °C
Type of mounting:
Wall mounting